Drawing what we see connects us with your environment. We observe and discover more. And we incorporate those moments within ourselves. Drawings recall memories of our lives in a way no photograph ever can.

And strangely enough, even when you try to “objectively” depict what you see, every drawing reveals something about yourself.

“Birds”, Shanghai, 2014, Ink on paper, 19 x 14 cm
“Ebb tide”, Vågan, 2016, Ink on paper, 19 x 14 cm
“Oak Tree”, Puyoô, 2015, Ink on paper, 19 x 14 cm
“People Square”, Shanghai, 2016, Ink on paper, 19 x 14 cm
“Roofs”, Venice, 2015, Ink on paper, 19 x 14 cm
“Sunflowers”, Peyriguère, 2016, Ink on paper, 19 x 14 cm
“Dawn”, Yangshuo, 2014, Ink on paper, 19 x 14 cm

I made a habit out of sending drawings to friends as postcards. An important part of this idea is the loss of control once those pictures disappear into a mailbox. They might be discarded by the recipients or framed and integrated into their homes. They might get damaged or even lost on their journey. I keep nothing but a quick digital snapshot on this website.

5 Replies to “Postcards”

  1. So glad to have discovered one of your Medium articles. Thanks for being an inspiration for daily improvement. 🙂 Love your work.

  2. Very inspiring. I too draw at moments, to capture it without a camera. Give a whole new meaning to it. Your post on medium abs the video here is really inspiring me to draw more of such sketches.

  3. I stumbled across your post ‘A quick beginner’s guide to drawing’ on Medium today. I don’t draw but I do take/make photographs and found your post challenging and inspirational. I think that drawing will improve my eye and force me to slow down and really consider my subject, so I am going to give it a go! Thank you for putting your work and ideas out there!

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